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While connecting to facebook, there was a Twitter server error.

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while trying to connect my twitter account with my facebook account i received the message below.

"There was a Twitter server error. The error has been reported to our engineering team. Please try again as it might be a temporary problem."
  • korviz Core Team
    This problem arises from Facebook experiencing a connection error and not twitter. I had this problem after I permanently deleted my Facebook account. Later I created a new Facebook account, when I tried to link it to my twitter account the connection problem started. The only solution is to write to the Facebook development team to resolve this issue.
    • tiff
      tiff more than a month ago

      Thanks George. The problem seems to be fixed now. You can try connecting and unconnecting twitter a few times, making sure to clear your browser cache each time. However I think the problem lies within facebook and twitters side, not ours.

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